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Spectre 80 Polymer Glock Frame

The new Glock 45 was leaked by the German magazine Caliber in their October digital issue. The Glock 45 A graphic for the new Glock 45 was leaked earlier tonight through a German source. While we were not able to verify the source of the leak, it appears that it is genuine.

Ensure the right choice! Each GLOCK pistol is designed and engineered to respond directly to the customer’s needs. Some models have a specific purpose, while others serve a .

The problem seems to be that the rounds were not sufficiently supported by the chamber. A replacement factory barrel gave the cases a lot more support. He decided to do some tests at the range with his old barrel … you know where this story is going … the second round caused a catastrophic failure. The magazine and part of the frame were blown out. Fortunately he only suffered very a very minor injury. Original barrel left and replacement.

Bulging 10mm Auto Case.

Glock Date of Manufacturer.

Rodger July 18, at 7: I removed the mag release and slightly bent the spring to lessen the tension. It releases the mag now with just a slight bit of pressure. It has never dropped accidentally. You might try this before spending money on a replacement.

First and second gen Glocks have no rail and second gen cal leave a weird bulge in the brass. Third gen models have something like stippling on the side of .

Firearms folk had been hankering for a slim, single-stack, Tenifer-coated, easily-concealable nine since, well, late in the first Clinton administration. But Smyrna and their Teutonic overlords had other plans. In their judgement, what America really needed was a slim, single-stack, Tenifer-coated, easily-concealable. As the teaser ad claimed, the only other thing smaller than the G42 that fires every time is a freaking Zippo lighter.

But more on reliability later. A funny thing happened on the way to the clearance bin. When people actually got their hands on the new packable pistol, most were seriously impressed. People like me with small hands loved the feel of the gun. And — whaddaya know? Maybe not everyone was as disappointed as it seemed.

And unlike some of its similarly-chambered competitors, being a GLOCK, it ships from the factory with a reputation for quality and reliability. Two rather important features everyone wants in their carry gun, no matter the caliber. It looks kinda like they tossed a G19 in a dryer, turned it up to eleven and shrunk the hell out of it. By my caliper, the slide measures a fairly svelte.

Glock Born On Date

No one, besides Kidada and Pac knew what really went down with their relationship. I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I did. Quincy Jones is disgusting.

Neither , LLC nor this site are affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by, GLOCK, Inc. or GLOCK Ges.m.b.H. The use of “GLOCK” on this page is merely to advertise the sale of GLOCK pistols, parts, or components.

We were all supposed to keep our mouths shut until March 20th, however you know This is not a conjecture or speculation article, the G43 is here and I have shot it at Glock. After pushing around rounds through the G43 9mm I am in love with yet another ugly Glock. Everyone said that they would buy a single stack Glock 9mm if it was about the same size at the G42, well prepare to pull out your cash and to fall in love with yet another boringly reliable Glock.

The G43 introduction also coincides with Glock US giving writers a peek behind its factory doors for the first time ever For me, being one of the first editors in the world to step behind the previously closed factory doors for a tour was a legitimate and exciting reason to hop on a plane to Smyrna, Georgia. My take on what I saw behind those doors is another article altogether, but I am sure everyone is more interested in the G43 at this point.

None of us were shocked, surprised or stunned about being handed G43 NDAs non-disclosure agreements.

Gun Review: Glock 19 Gen 5 handgun in 9mm (VIDEO)

Or the fourth Glock generation really brings innovations? The introduction of the Glock 17 semiautomatic pistol about thirty years ago represented a real revolution in the duty and service handgun world: Moreover, the handgun was built by a company that had absolutely no previous specific manufacturing experience and despite this, worked flawlessly. After many years, we can say that the Glock has since defined a reference standard to which basically every other gun manufacturer in the world has been forced to be compared with.

Franco Palamaro Three Glock 17 generations compared:

Feb 02,  · Anyone know how I can find out when my g23 was manufactured? I haven’t found any website that can help me with a serial number code or anything like.

Share this article Share Three months later he then killed Mark’s father David Short, 46, shooting him and then throwing a grenade because he threatened Cregan’s young son. Scroll down for video Cold-blooded: Cregan decided in advance he would kill the police, and eventually took lives of PC Fiona Bone left and PC Nicola Hughes right after calling claiming there was a burglary where he was hiding Attack: Cregan emptied the magazine of this Glock handgun and then dumped it by the bodies of the officers he had just fatally injured Extraordinary: Greater Manchester Police discovered this stash of grenades inside a storm drain during Dale Cregan’s week trial Tribute: Bryn Hughes, father of Pc Nicola Hughes, reads a statement outside Preston Crown Court after Dale Cregan was told he will die in prison But after six days considering their verdicts after a week trial, the jury of six men and five women agreed today he was not responsible for the attempted murder of Sharon Hark on the same day.

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Police forensics at the scene of the officers’s death, where Cregan fired 32 times, threw a hand grenade then sped off in a car Bereft: Police officers, who were almost all in tears, pause for thought after laying flowers near to the scene of the shooting Paying their respects:

Glock Perfection: Fact or Fiction

With that said, It seems a lot of Glock owners spend a good deal of money making changes to the standard Glock; they where designed they way they are for a reason. Are you going to store stuff in it? Tim August 21, at 2: Grip plugs are just another add-on that people waste money on.

The Ultimate Utility and Online Community to improve your skills, engage with other GLOCK enthusiasts and earn GLOCK rewards.

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Glock 19 MOS Pistol ( Modular Optic System ) First Look

A safe bet in 9mm. I went to the drug store to purchase a Colt , and saw the GLOCK 17 — at that time, the only model that was produced. I fell in love with it right then and there, and walked out of the drug store with it instead of the Colt I remember how great the GLOCK 17 felt in my hand, and then having two round magazines with the gun… well, back then, hardly anyone gave you a second magazine with a pistol.

May 12,  · Over at , there is a discussion thread where users have submitted info on the pistols they own, using the test-fire date on the little brown envelope that used to be included with every pistol as the “born on” date.

The new kit converts the pistols to fire the. The kits are still under development, but are far enough along for Armscor to allow writers to shoot a Glock equipped with one. The 22 TCM is a bottlenecked pistol cartridge designed to fire a. Think of it as the Armscor response to the FN 5. The 9R variant of the cartridge is a slightly shorter version that operates at lower velocities so that it will fit into the Glock conversion kit. Think of it as a -P version, or a performance tax to shoot it from your Austrian pistol.

Visit Minute Maniac for a better description of the 9R variant. Kits will include all of the needed parts to make the conversion. However, Armscor anticipates that a gunsmith will be required to ensure reliable functioning of the converted pistol.

Glock 17 Review

Dec 2, Borg Warner said: Do you mean a 10mm on a G19 Compact sized frame? Because that would be impossible.

With GLOCK ID, you can record your last cleaning date for each pistol in your online and secure virtual GLOCK Safe. ATTEND EVENTS GLOCK ID will keep you updated with upcoming GLOCK events in .

The flared magazine well, improved trigger and barrel, ambidextrous slide catch, and new sight options should make potential buyers of the Gen 5 Glock 34 very happy. While most are pretty familiar with the MOS system, I feel that going into the pros and cons of the system is an important aspect of the review. Allows the end user to mount a mini red dot MRDS directly to the slide of the pistol. The four included adaptor plates provide a pretty wide selection of MRDS to choose from.

Installing a red dot is very easy and only requires basic tools. The MOS adaptor plate can become loose over hundreds of rounds and cause the pistol to lose zero. The required adaptor plate prevents the red dot from sitting as low as when the slide is custom milled for the red dot. There are a ton of other changes made internally like a beefer striker, a new trigger bar, and other small parts changes that come together in the form of a much more refined pistol.

Key Glock – “On My Soul”