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This is demonstrated by Orderic Vitalis recording that “Guillelmus miles cognomento Pantol” donated “ecclesias de Norun” to “S. Ebrulfo”, with the consent of “Rogerio comite domino suo”, in [2]. However, in light of other examples of Norman families including Corbet, Picot , it is possible that he was named Pantulf, which was then adopted as a family name by his descendants. Her marriage is confirmed by Orderic Vitalis who records that “Guillelmus miles cognomento Pantol” donated “terram quam Beatrix mater eius in dominio habebat apud Fossas” to “S. Orderic Vitalis records “Guillelmum cognomento Pantulfum et Picodum atque Corbatum, filiosque eius Rogerium et Rodbertum” as vassals of Roger de Montgommery in Shropshire, dated to [ ] from the context [4]. Orderic Vitalis records that “Guillelmus miles cognomento Pantol” donated “ecclesias de Norun” to “S. Ebrulfo”, with the consent of “Rogerio comite domino suo”, in , and donated “terram quam Beatrix mater eius in dominio habebat apud Fossas” to “S. Orderic Vitalis records that “Willelmum Pantol et Rodbertum de Cordaio nepotem suum” accompanied “Rodbertus…abbas, frater Hugonis de Grentemaisnilio” to Apulia in [6]. Orderic Vitalis records that “Willelmo Pantol”, after his return from Apulia, was accused of involvement in the murder of “Mabilia comitissa” [wife of Roger de Montgommery] by “militis Hugonis de Jalgeio” and had his lands confiscated by Roger de Montgommery [7].

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Neots plays host to its first Continental Christmas Market on the weekend of 1st-3rd December when traders from all over Europe will be joined by top quality crafts stalls from the UK to hold a celebratory seasonal market which will fill the town’s Market Square. Large and colourful stalls selling a range of unusual culinary delights will be open throughout the day and into early evening with the shopping experience supplemented by children’s rides and performances from local choirs.

The market is represented by its own French Baker who prepares and bakes bread and morning goods in a large mobile oven fresh on site. From Spain expect what may be the best Paella you have ever tasted with various options including vegetarian, while Germany provides delicious Stollen and Lebkucken.

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Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Part of the A14 is closed due to an enormous acid spillage between junctions 15 and Cambridgeshire police were called to the scene shortly before 7am to reports of a lorry leaking sulphuric acid. A spokesman for Fire and Rescue reports around litres of the chemical substance was spilled onto the carriageway.

All lanes have no reopened, but some delays are still expected. B and J17 Leighton: Lane closure in place due to a spillage in the carriageway. Please expect delays and approach with care. It is unclear at this time if the road is damaged. Keep up to date with the latest traffic news Sick of always being stuck in queues?

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The modern town incorporates Eynesbury originally the main settlement and the oldest part of the town and two areas across the river, Eaton Ford and Eaton Socon , which were originally separate villages. Already the largest town in Cambridgeshire, after the cities of Cambridge and Peterborough, St Neots continues to grow rapidly due to a huge demand for modern housing.

Technology-based industries now operate from some of the town’s light industrial estates, and there is a gas turbine power station at Little Barford on the edge of the town. Local geography St Neots market square St Neots lies close to the south-western edge of Huntingdonshire district and is situated in the valley of the River Great Ouse , partly on the flood plain and partly on slightly higher ground a little further from the water.

The Great Ouse is a mature river , once wide and shallow but now controlled by weirs and sluices and restrained in a well-defined channel. The area is generally low lying and the Riverside Fields, an amenity area adjacent to St Neots Bridge, is designed as a flood buffer area, and is under water at times of flood, protecting dwelling and commercial property from flood.

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Heptarchy During Wilfrid’s lifetime Britain and Ireland consisted of a number of small kingdoms. Traditionally the English people were thought to have been divided into seven kingdoms, but modern historiography has shown that this is a simplification of a much more confused situation. A native British kingdom, later called the Kingdom of Strathclyde , survived as an independent power into the 10th century in the area which became modern-day Dunbartonshire and Clydesdale.

It also appears likely that the Irish settled in parts of Wales, and even after the period of Irish settlement, Irish missionaries were active in Britain. Others had been converted by the Hiberno-Scottish mission, chiefly Irish missionaries working in Northumbria and neighbouring kingdoms. Two-thirds of the work deals with Wilfrid’s attempts to return to Northumbria, and is a defence and vindication of his Northumbrian career.

Other, more minor, sources for Wilfrid’s life include a mention of Wilfrid in one of Bede’s letters. This source is highly influenced by the contemporary concerns of its writer, but does attempt to provide some new material besides reworking Bede. The historian Walter Goffart goes further, suggesting that Bede wrote his Historia as a reaction to Stephen’s Vita Sancti Wilfrithi, and that Stephen’s work was written as part of a propaganda campaign to defend a “Wilfridian” party in Northumbrian politics.

Stephen says that Annemund wanted to marry Wilfrid to the archbishop’s niece, and to make Wilfrid the governor of a Frankish province, but that Wilfrid refused and continued on his journey to Rome. However, Annemund’s murder took place in and Wilfrid returned to England in , suggesting that Stephen’s chronology is awry. Bede is silent on the subject of Wilfrid’s monastic status, [47] although Wilfrid probably became a monk during his time in Rome, or afterwards while he was in Gaul.

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A little edge chipping on two examples and one is a little dusty, good otherwise. It was never owned by the LNER. However, following nationalisation it was transferred to the Eastern Region of British Railways. Initially, tickets were ordered from the former LNER printing works, many, like this example, being produced with the old company title. Some of the tickets are to the same destinations, but are in different print styles.

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Hagiography[ edit ] According to the most elaborate version of the tale found in Bede ‘s Ecclesiastical History of the English People , Alban lived in Verulamium , sometime during the 3rd or 4th century see dating controversy below , but some authors, on the basis that Gildas says he crosses the Thames before his martyrdom, place his residence and martyrdom in London.

Sometime in the 3rd or 4th century, Christians began to suffer “cruel persecution. The priest who later came to be called Amphibalus , meaning “cloak” in Latin prayed and “kept watch” day and night, and Alban was so impressed with the priest’s faith and piety that he found himself emulating the priest and soon converted to Christianity. Eventually it came to the ears of an unnamed “impious prince” that Alban was sheltering the priest. The prince gave orders for Roman soldiers to make a strict search of Alban’s house.

As they came to seize the priest, Alban put on the priest’s cloak and clothing and presented himself to the soldiers in place of his guest.

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Life[ edit ] Opera Bedae Venerabilis Almost everything that is known of Bede’s life is contained in the last chapter of his Ecclesiastical History of the English People, a history of the church in England. It was completed in about , [2] and Bede implies that he was then in his fifty-ninth year, which would give a birth date in or The Liber Vitae of Durham Cathedral names two priests with this name, one of whom is presumably Bede himself. Some manuscripts of the Life of Cuthbert, one of Bede’s works, mention that Cuthbert’s own priest was named Bede; it is possible that this priest is the other name listed in the Liber Vitae.

The Life of Ceolfrith, written in about , records that only two surviving monks were capable of singing the full offices; one was Ceolfrith and the other a young boy, who according to the anonymous writer had been taught by Ceolfrith. The two managed to do the entire service of the liturgy until others could be trained. The young boy was almost certainly Bede, who would have been about Bede would probably have met the abbot during this visit, and it may be that Adomnan sparked Bede’s interest in the Easter dating controversy.

The canonical age for the ordination of a deacon was 25; Bede’s early ordination may mean that his abilities were considered exceptional, [20] but it is also possible that the minimum age requirement was often disregarded. Not all his output can be easily dated, and Bede may have worked on some texts over a period of many years. Translations of this phrase differ, and it is uncertain whether Bede intended to say that he was cured of a speech problem, or merely that he was inspired by the saint’s works.

Wilfrid did not respond to the accusation, but a monk present relayed the episode to Bede, who replied within a few days to the monk, writing a letter setting forth his defence and asking that the letter also be read to Wilfrid. Wilfrid had been present at the exhumation of her body in , and Bede questioned the bishop about the exact circumstances of the body and asked for more details of her life, as Wilfrid had been her advisor.

The See of York was elevated to an archbishopric in , and it is likely that Bede and Ecgbert discussed the proposal for the elevation during his visit.

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Up to In , an Act of the Irish Parliament provided for the setting up of a House of Industry in Dublin ‘for employing and maintaining the poor thereof’ O’Connor, A workhouse was subsequently erected south of the River Liffey on land at the south of Saint James’s Street and was administered by a body called ‘The Governor and Guardians of the Poor’ whose members included the Lord Lieutenant, the Lord Mayor, the Lord Chancellor, the Protestant Archbishop of Dublin, sheriffs, Justices of the Peace, and members of the Corporation.

This body, which met monthly, had powers to place people in the workhouse, and to discipline those already there if they disobeyed workhouse regulations.

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The parish of St. Neots originally formed part of Eynesbury, but when in the Priory of St. Neots was given the whole manor in which the priory was situated, fn. Neots was given to it. The first recorded use of the new name is in —7 fn. Neots are mentioned in a Pipe Roll of , fn.

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