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Cultural heritage includes tangible, intangible, and natural legacies. ETDs in institutional repositories are contemporary cultural artefacts that can be electronically aggregated into searching and discovery platforms like the recently launch the Open Access Theses and Dissertations OATD discovery service, using the OAI-PMH protocol to links users directly to an accessible digital artefact. OATD distinguishes itself from other ETD databases by providing immediate access to theses that are freely available online, a welcome tool for students and scholars that depend on immediate open knowledge. The Republic of Armenia is a small geographical area in Central Asia with a population of only 3 million, yet an estimated total of million people of Armenian ancestry live outside of Armenia. What knowledge of Armenian cultural heritage can be discovered by searching OATD for open access theses that relate to Armenian history and culture? What kind of national or cultural portrait would emerge from open ETD scholarship?

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Ancient history[ edit ] Tradition associates Chongqing with the State of Ba. In his honour, Yu Prefecture was therefore renamed Chongqing subprefecture marking the occasion of his enthronement. The Manchus later conquered the province, and during the Qing dynasty , immigration to Chongqing and Sichuan took place with the support of Qing emperor. Due to its mountainous environment, many people were saved from the bombing.

Due to the bravery, contributions and sacrifices made by the local people during World War II , Chongqing became known as the City of Heroes. Many factories and universities were relocated from eastern China to Chongqing during the war, transforming this city from inland port to a heavily industrialized city.

As a long serving member of the HKU and now an Emeritus Professor, it grieves me greatly to see the Council turn to these nasty tricks to deny Professor Chan, a distinguished scholar and administrator, the office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor, in order — one must assume — to appease the Chinese government.

Algorithms have been developed to systematically determine the skeleton of the underlying graph and, then, orient all arrows whose directionality is dictated by the conditional independencies observed. In general this leaves a set of possible causal relations, which should then be tested by analyzing time series data or, preferably, designing appropriately controlled experiments. In contrast with Bayesian Networks, path analysis and its generalization, structural equation modeling , serve better to estimate a known causal effect or to test a causal model than to generate causal hypotheses.

For nonexperimental data, causal direction can often be inferred if information about time is available. This is because according to many, though not all, theories causes must precede their effects temporally. This can be determined by statistical time series models, for instance, or with a statistical test based on the idea of Granger causality , or by direct experimental manipulation.

The use of temporal data can permit statistical tests of a pre-existing theory of causal direction. For instance, our degree of confidence in the direction and nature of causality is much greater when supported by cross-correlations , ARIMA models, or cross-spectral analysis using vector time series data than by cross-sectional data. Derivation theories[ edit ] Nobel Prize laureate Herbert A. Simon and philosopher Nicholas Rescher [32] claim that the asymmetry of the causal relation is unrelated to the asymmetry of any mode of implication that contraposes.

Rather, a causal relation is not a relation between values of variables, but a function of one variable the cause on to another the effect. So, given a system of equations, and a set of variables appearing in these equations, we can introduce an asymmetric relation among individual equations and variables that corresponds perfectly to our commonsense notion of a causal ordering.

The system of equations must have certain properties, most importantly, if some values are chosen arbitrarily, the remaining values will be determined uniquely through a path of serial discovery that is perfectly causal. They postulate the inherent serialization of such a system of equations may correctly capture causation in all empirical fields, including physics and economics.

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Hotels near HKU Station; Near Bus Stations. Free High Speed Internet (WiFi) Fitness Centre with Gym / Workout Room. Air Conditioning. Airport Transportation. Banquet Room. dating back to the s. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Retreat from the crowds by exploring beautifully/ TripAdvisor reviews.

The archive collection ranges from an scenic documentary shot in Hong Kong by the American Edison company to local twentieth century productions. In July the archive’s collection was further enhanced when TV broadcaster ATV transferred over prints from its film library collection for storage, research and preservation with a further or so to be handed over once consent has been received from the film’s owners. ATV was inaugurated in as “Rediffusion Television” and has acquired hundreds of Hong Kong films of different genres.

The Archive has a Resource Centre on the third floor housing books, magazines, news clippings and audio-visual materials to facilitate research on the history of local cinema and most of the collection is open to the public and researchers for reference. There is a seat cinema showing a wide variety of film programmes on both Hong Kong cinema and international cinema and a square metre exhibition hall which shows various temporary exhibitions related to cinema.

Closed on Tuesdays except on public holidays. For current film programme and cinema admission prices see the Archive website. When commissioned in Hong Kong had previously had only small fireboats and fireboat Alexander Grantham was testimony to the ongoing advances in capabilities and size of the fireboat fleet. The fireboat was renovated on Stonecutters Island immediately after its decommissioning and moved to its present location in Quarry Bay Park to form part of the exhibition in Visitors can walk the decks on the fireboat and the adjacent gallery has photos, artefacts and multimedia exhibits.

Quarry Bay Park has a waterfront promenade and excellent views across the eastern side of Victoria Harbour. Closed on Tuesdays except public holidays and the first two days of Chinese New Year.


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He advances a compelling account of how the use of the notions of honour, respect and shame can inspire much-needed conversations locally, regionally and globally, about our expectations of each other as individuals living in community with each other in a shared land but also, how these can be fruitfully applied to shape progressive discourse across nations in contested areas of cultural, civic and national life.

As Professor Appiah alludes to in his first lecture, in order to prove ourselves worthy of the honour of the right to vote for our government, we must begin to act now as citizens who aspire to live in a thriving democracy would. We need to ask, what are our responsibilities and how can each of us contribute to the effective functioning of the society? As sectors of our society turn the likes of Benny Tai Yu Ting and Joshua Wong Chi Fung into heroes or enemies depending on which side of the political spectrum they fall on, we are implicitly reflecting on the questions Professor Appiah so aptly raises: How can we, in Hong Kong and elsewhere, redefine the notions of honour and shame to motivate people to do what we now know to be an indispensable part of our civic duty in public life?

Crucially, Professor Appiah demonstrates how the monitoring and judgment we all routinely engage in by drawing on the existing honour code can be usefully deployed to push ourselves and others to strive for higher moral standards. However, this requires an open discussion of and reflection on the values we ascribe to basic civic activities that each citizen should partake in.

As his account of the processes and conversations between nations in relation to the abandonment of the practices of slavery and footbinding illustrates, the most crucial component of a successful strategy to facilitate change is the due and respectful engagement of the community or society in which the practice is embedded. Without the careful and strategic enlistment of the notions of honour and shame, it is unlikely that a constructive dialogue can be had to facilitate change that is lasting and indeed, may have unintended consequences or suffer from a backlash.

That said, however, as Professor Appiah beckons, we, as citizens of the world and in the interests of our shared humanity, have a civic duty to raise the bar of our communities as a whole, to aspire to higher ideals Contact Jean jeanko hku.

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The mourners and the police have all gone home and the car park is empty. Pools of halogen light bathe the entrance to the trail, marked by a boom gate, in the southeast corner of the park. The only sound is the incessant buzz of nearby electrical transformers, amplified by the stillness of the night. There are tennis courts and a pitch-and-putt golf course close by, and stark white tower blocks across the road.

You can even see a couple of night-owl residents inside. But take just a few steps beyond the boom gate, down the trail that leads towards the murder scene, and the darkness swiftly closes around you. Tall fir trees block out the ambient light, and there is true silence.

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In recent decades, and in response to continually shrinking state funding, Ohio State has conducted two significant multi-year fundraising campaigns. The “Affirm Thy Friendship Campaign” took place between and It has more than 30 departments. Among these are student housing; dining services; health, wellness and counseling offices; the Ohio Union , student activities, organizations and leadership development; recreation and intramural sports.

The RPAC is the main recreational facility on campus and offers over half a million square feet of recreation, aquatic, fitness, and meeting space.

(Muzzle velocity is the speed at which the bullet leaves the barrel of the rifle.) So, even if a sniper gets a shot at the canopy from a meter distance (which is highly unlikely considered military aerodrome layouts) and accurately targets the canopy.

This content can be saved to the “My Activity” tab in your user profile. One of those 48 subjects is law , with institutions from 42 different countries featured this year. Of the institutions, 95 come from just those two countries. United States Harvard University Ivy League institution Harvard University makes it six years as the top law school in the world, with a nearly perfect score across the different indicators used to compile the rankings more information available here.

Program Juris Doctor , the LL. Program Master of Laws and the S. Program Doctor of Juridical Science. Students in their first year of law school will study a curriculum which provides fantastic preparation for working in law in the 21st century, covering such areas as civil procedure, criminal law, property law and torts.

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University of East Anglia UK: Woolf Institute, Cambridge UK: Eng – Research Fellow 18 Aug.

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Catholic nuns receive a new name as they become such. In Orthodoxy many monks receive it likewise. The obvious origin of them all is the ancient Hebrew tradition of giving a new name, as it happened to Abram, that was renamed Abraham, Sarai, renamed Sarah or Jacob, renamed Israel. These people already had an old concept of a sacred book that was lost. A book made of gold.

The Lost Book was the Torah. According to a Chinkuki scholar, their long lost script a. Lost Book was the Torah. In their legends they mention their ancestors came from “an oiled land”.

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