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His wisdom is recognized by the people of Nazareth , his hometown, when he was teaching in the synagogue, “insomuch that they were astonished, and said, Whence hath this man this wisdom, and these mighty works? Paul refers to wisdom, notably in 1 Corinthians , ” “Where is the wise? One is a false wisdom, which is characterized as “earthly, sensual, devilish” and is associated with strife and contention. The other is the ‘wisdom that comes from above’: The clearest form of the identification of Divine Wisdom with Christ comes in 1 Corinthians 1: There is a minor position among the Church Fathers which held that Wisdom is identical not to Christ but to the Holy Spirit.

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Demographics[ edit ] In general the population of Skien is younger than the national average and the gap between rich and poor is wider. African Norwegians make up the single largest ethnic minority. Coat-of-arms[ edit ] The coat-of-arms is derived from the oldest known seal of the city, dating back to The seal shows two skis and in the middle a cross , with a small star on the crosspoint. The skis are a semi- canting element based on a misunderstanding of the meaning of the town’s name and the cross is a religious symbol.

There have been several theories about the meaning of the cross, but its meaning is not clearly known.

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Its strength was 18 officers and other ranks; almost all had been on the Western Front and all elected to serve in Russia. A section of the 68th Battery, led by Captain Oliver A. Mowat, fought in the Battle of Shenkursk in January More information about Captain Mowat’s service during World War I on the Western Front and in North Russia where he died of wounds sustained during the Battle of Shenkursk , can be found on this page scroll down and here.

Also, Carrie Mowat has more information about her great-uncle’s military service here and here on her Mowat family web site.

Holy Wisdom (Greek Ἁγία Saint Sophia Cathedral in Vologda was built in the 16th century. There is a hagiographical tradition, dating to the late 6th century, of a Saint Sophia and her three daughters, Saints Faith, Hope and Charity.

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Domesticated reindeer have also been introduced into Alaska. The Russian Lapps are also for the most part fishers, as is natural in a district with such an extent of coast and such a number of lakes, not to mention the advantage which the fisher has over the reindeer keeper in connexion with the many fasts of the Greek Church.

On the summits of the Adirondacks are a few alpine species, such as reindeer moss and other lichens; on the shores of Long Island, Staten Island and Westchester county are a number of maritime species; and on Long Island are several species especially characteristic of the pine barrens of New Jersey. Crimes of violence are almost unknown, and the only common breach of law is the killing of tame reindeer belonging to other owners.

On land reindeer were formerly hunted, to their practical extinction in the south, but in the districts of Godthaab, Sukkertoppen and Holstensborg there are still many reindeer. Their heaps of reindeer horns and skulls – memorials of religious ceremonies – are exactly similar to those dating from the similar period of civilization in N. The reindeer, arctic fox Canis lagopus , hare, wolf, lemming Myodes obensis , collar lemming Cuniculus torquatus and two species of voles Arvicolae are the most common on land.

Reindeer, followed by wolves, come also every year to the islands; the polar fox and polar bear, both feeding on the lemmings, are numerous. Beyond this to the north are the ” barren grounds ” on which herds of caribou reindeer and musk ox pasture, migrating from north to south according to the season. Their food is entirely vegetable, especially grass roots and stalks, shoots of dwarf birch, reindeer lichens and mosses, in search of which they form, in winter, long galleries through the turf or under the snow.

Sylvatica, the familiar ” reindeer moss,” are frequently eaten by man in times of scarcity, after being powdered and mixed with flour. Reindeer and other varieties are of little interest for use other than trophy mats. With the exception of the reindeer, antlers are confined to the males.

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Help kids We would like to invite all our clients to support our action and Help kids! If you are able to donate some small items such as a toy, clothing, shoes or kitchen utensils? If you leave it at our office, we will send it to an orphanage, soup kitchen, school or hospital.

The wealth of Vologda in the late 18 th and 19 th centuries is reflected in a number of houses, in both brick and wood, that have survived throughout the town. Indeed, Vologda was known for the.

Although small, Vologda has an outsized cultural and architectural heritage. All photographs by William Brumfield Despite its relatively small population slightly over , inhabitants , Vologda has a significant presence in Russian culture. The town, located about miles north of Moscow on the Volodga River, is home to an array of vibrant cultural institutions as well as many architectural monuments.

With active artistic and literary groups, Vologda is also closely associated with the life and work of the writers Varlam Shalamov and Nikolai Rubtsov Its newest museum is a palatial structure devoted to the craft and art of lace making. The “official” date of the city’s founding is given as the same year as Moscow , yet there is no verifiable information to support that date. Indeed, no firm archeological evidence has been uncovered to confirm a Russian presence earlier than the 13th century.

With the growth of Moscow’s power in the 14th century, however, Vologda was pulled into the Muscovite orbit along with the rest of the historic Russian north on the path to the White Sea. By the end of the 14th century, Moscow had its own representatives in the town; and a century later, after a prolonged and complicated struggle, Vologda and its surrounding territory were taken into the Moscow principality.

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